Lake Park Campground assumes no responsibility for any pets, which may be on the premises and no pets of any kind other than house pets belonging to a camper shall be kept on the campsite. Pets are only allowed to be on site with the owner present. You must register your pet on property at check in with our office for it to be approved to enter the property.
● All pets must be under the owner’s control. Owner must clean up after their pet.
No pet shall be left tied or otherwise unattended at any time.
● Please be considerate of other guests by not allowing your pet to bark uncontrollably or destroy the public areas including the dog park.
Pets are not allowed in any public building, cabins, on the playground, or in the pond.
● Complaints concerning aggressive behavior or uncontrolled barking of a pet, or of a camper
failing to keep a pet on a leash, or clean up after a pet may result in a fine or you being
immediately asked to leave the camp.
● Non-aggressive pets are allowed. ● None of the following breeds are allowed: Policy on Aggressive Dog Breeds ● A six (6’) foot leash rule is in effect at all times when the pet is outside the owner’s camper, tent, vehicle. Dogs can run free in one of the 3 Dog Parks.

Animal fecal matter is a public health hazard and may contain microorganisms that cause illness in humans such as Salmonella, E. coli, Giardia and internal parasites. All pet owners agree to use the trash containers provided at the dog parks to dispose of fecal matter.

Policy on Aggressive Dog Breeds
The following breeds are not permitted on property for insurance purposes.
● Rottweiler
● Pitt Bull
● Staffordshire Terrier
● Doberman Pinscher
● Akita
● Alaskan Malamute
● Siberian Husky
● Wolf breeds
● Chow Chow
● Great Dane
● Presa Canarios
● Mastiff
These breeds are considered to have aggressive tendencies and are a liability. ( The only exception to this rule is if the owner can provide a Canine Liability Policy or a Canine Good Citizen certificate and will need to sign a waver if liability )

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