Lake Park Campground assumes no responsibility for any pets, which may be on the premises and no pets of any kind other than house pets belonging to a camper shall be kept on the campsite.
● Non-aggressive pets are allowed. ● None of the following breeds are allowed: Policy on Aggressive Dog Breeds ● A six (6’) foot leash rule is in effect at all times when the pet is outside the owner’s camper, tent, vehicle. Dogs can run free in one of the 3 Dog Parks.
● All pets must be under the owner’s control.
No pet shall be left tied or otherwise unattended at any time.
● Please be considerate of other guests by not allowing your pet to bark uncontrollably.
● Pets are not allowed in any public building, on the playground, or in the pond.
● Complaints concerning aggressive behavior or uncontrolled barking of a pet, or of a camper
failing to keep a pet on a leash, or clean up after a pet may result in a fine or you being
immediately asked to leave the camp.

Policy on Aggressive Dog Breeds
The following breeds are not permitted on property for insurance purposes.
● Rottweiler
● Pitt Bull
● Staffordshire Terrier
● Doberman Pinscher
● Akita
● Alaskan Malamute
● Siberian Husky
● Wolf breeds
● Chow Chow
● Great Dane
● Presa Canarios
● Mastiff
These breeds are considered to have aggressive tendencies and are a liability. ( The only exception to this rule is if the owner can provide a Canine Liability Policy or a Canine Good Citizen certificate and will need to sign a waver if liability )

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